Our Story

Homer Simpson once said this phrase: "It will appear when you stop looking for it!"

It was a Saturday like any other. I got up, did my morning chores, and decided to go to a small Japanese culture fair that was happening that weekend. It was my way of lifting my spirits, as I had recently given up on finding a partner due to several bad experiences.

I arrived at the fair with not many expectations, but with a lot of enthusiasm to enjoy the day because Japanese culture is something I'm passionate about. After wandering around the place, I came across a small store selling T-shirt designs I had never seen before. I went crazy when I saw them! I had been searching for geeky designs this special for a long time, and I couldn't believe I had them in my hands, and the fabric of the shirts was soft and cool. I fell in love with the brand instantly. I took no less than 5 shirts home, and after wearing them for a few days, I decided they were now my favorite tees.

Then I thought it would be amazing to have a Legend of Zelda T-shirt, my all-time favorite game. I gathered my courage and wrote to the brand through Facebook, and to my surprise, the owner of the brand replied to me. His name was Antonio. We immediately connected over our love for certain games and series. I had many interesting design ideas since I have always been an artist and an avid gamer. We agreed to meet for coffee and share our business ideas.

That coffee meeting lasted for 5 hours.

We met a couple more times, and on July 4th, we decided to become a couple. It has been 6 years since that beautiful day in the park where we shared our first kiss.

Today, we are spouses and continue to work on our ideas, always trying to evolve and be better every day, while maintaining that passion for the stories that made us dream at some point in our childhood and now make us the peculiar adults we are.

Geek Fine Art is an amalgamation of the two of us, as it combines Antonio's expressive ideas and my artistic skills to create any thought that comes to mind. Together, we can go further than we ever dreamed, and we are very happy that you want to join us on this epic journey of growth and learning. But with games. Lots of games. And series. :)